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Alyssum January 8, 2009

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Sweet AlyssumI had great hopes for the Alyssum planted in mid-summer. Everywhere you read about how easily it spreads and how simple it is to grow. Well apparently I can manage to make even the hardiest plant struggle.

Like a lot of the plants from that first attempt the Alyssum was both a hit and a miss. Four or five plants were put into three boxes that received a lot of early morning sun. The shortened time for them to establish themselves (they, along with the majority of other flowers, were planted in mid-June) must have had an effect as most of them failed to really get going.

The couple that did flowered well and did start to spread nicely which was the effect I was hoping for. So they are something I would consider again albeit they need to be planted earlier and given time to establish themselves.

Alyssum isn’t a showy plant and the small flowers aren’t going to be the centrepiece of any display. But as an accompaniment to larger and more vibrantly coloured flowers I’d hope it could do a good job and fill in the spaces.

Photo from bbum’s Flick photostream through Creative Commons licence.


2 Responses to “Alyssum”

  1. Flighty Says:

    I have one window box on the plot, at ground level, which at the moment is crammed full of bulbs I was given. I thought that for the summer I would sow a packet of Alyssum seed in it as a cheap and easy option.

  2. northernwindowgardener Says:

    The one or two plants that worked for me were really quite nice and similar, although not quite as good, to the pic in this post. The ones I planted were shop-bought and already flowering in June.

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