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Autumn Planting – Spring Flowers 2 December 2, 2008

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Continuing the tale of picking Spring bulbs to plant from a couple of days ago.

After doing the usual methodical selection process then changing my mind another half dozen times I finally bought a range of bulbs and walked out, dazed and confused, from the garden centre.

It’s at times like these that the lack of experience really comes home. The instructions on the packets seem fairly straightforward – plant x inches deep and x inches apart – but then those measurements don’t seem realistic in a small container where you’re looking for a really over-the-top display.

In all the excitement to plant them I managed to get a bit forgetful about what was planted where. I know there are Crocus and dwarf Tulip in a couple of the boxes and I think I also put Anemone into another box. I distinctly remember having to soak some of the small bulbs in water for a few hours and then they got planted too. I did remember to write on some plastic tags and slip them into the side of the planter but that probably only accounts for around half the bulbs that were planted.

So come Spring there are likely to be a few surprises if the bulbs actually manage to survive the Winter chill and push their way through. That surprise is something to look forward to while I try to keep everything else looking good over the next couple of months.

Photo courtesy of Olibac’s Flickr photostream.


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