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Cyclamen November 26, 2008

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There’s something to be said for the limited range when it comes to picking Autumn and Winter bedding plants. At the local garden centre it was Winter Pansy or Cyclamen so both went in the basket regardless of whether there was a place in mind for them.

The mini cyclamen has proven to be my kind of plant: forgiving of shoddy watering habits, hardy enough to flourish when the winds blow and the temperatures drop, and supplying an almost constant stream of new flowers to brighten up the most miserable grey day.

The only knock I have on these hardy plants is the limited colour palette, ranging from white to purple, passing through various stages of pink and red. But given my previous scattergun choices in colour this is probably a good thing as well.

The pic on the left has the first cyclamen that were planted in mid September and having been protected by petunias that were either side of it they’ve grown quite tall compared to the others that were planted a couple of weeks later. The petunias have gone now so we’ll get to see just how hardy this one is. The others meanwhile have all flowered nicely and continue to give a bit of colour while waiting on the pansies making a reappearance.


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