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Triumphs and failures on a window ledge.

Zinnia November 20, 2008

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Not knowing anything about gardening, plants or planting meant that I went for a scattergun approach to flowers. In hindsight it was a good way to start because I picked up a lot of knowledge about a wide range of plants in a short space of time.

The Zinnia was just one of those flowers that looked good on the garden centre shelf and in the absence of any other information, or even an understanding of where it was going to be planted, back it came with me.

A couple were planted in a spot that gets morning sun and although they took a while the first flowers were worth the wait, a deep yellow colour and about the size of my palm. That first one lasted well but once the next flowers came they were smaller and got a little more wind battered.

Later I planted the one remaining Zinnia in the final box where all the odds and ends went. A spare dahlia, which eventually flowered beautifully, some Alyssum and Pansies as well, all went to make an eclectic and not very successful mix. It’s an obvious lesson but really you can’t expect plants to survive in the plastic containers from the garden centre for more than a few days. The quicker they get planted, the more chance they have to survive and prosper.

Thanks to meanlouise on Flickr for the use of the Zinnia picture.


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