Northern Exposure

Triumphs and failures on a window ledge.

Aster – Victoria November 19, 2008

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This was the first failure and it was really caused by trying to be too clever.

The original plant was quite big as it was the only Aster the shop had and it was a plant I wanted to try out. After reading a bit online it suggested that you could split the plant so that’s what I did. One half was immediately planted into Maggie and as you might see from the original pic, it was flowering well. Sadly this didn’t last and due to my inability to water properly (more some other time on this!) and the ham-fisted attempt at splitting the plant, it quickly started to lose flowers and stop growing.It had also developed a bit of mould which sadly appears to be something that I’ve managed to attract on other plants too.

After several attempts at dead-heading and making minor trims, all to no avail, I finally decided to go for the drastic measure and cut it right back to a stump. The other half, which had been kept inside in a pot and had fared even worse, had shown signs of re-growing when given the drastic treatment so I had some hope that this would work. As you can just about see from the pic it has re-established itself and although it’s nowhere near flowering it does look like it might have a chance next season – if I treat it properly that is.

The one remaining problem though is that along with the new growth came the old mould problem. I’m resistant to using the spray that I bought given there are other plants around. I’m going to try to manage it for now and see what the chill of winter does to it. Meanwhile at least I’ve given it another chance and learned a few lessons on the way.


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