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Let’s Get This Started November 8, 2008

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Starter Pack

Starter Pack

Here we are back in July 2008. After a couple of shopping trips to the local garden centre I had the basics for starting my own little garden.

A quick run through the items:

Window Boxes – plastic, various sizes

Watering Can – plastic two replaceble nozzles, a rose for light watering and a little tube for directing at the roots, etc.

Compost – Organic and peat free – I used way more compost that I thought I would.

Plants – from the top of the pic to the bottom, roughly left to right.

  • Viola – mixed colours
  • Aster (Victoria) – nice purple flowers which didn’t last.
  • Pansy – mixed colours
  • Dianthus – pink and red
  • Petunia – actually double petunia – pink
  • Impatiens – white
  • Dahlia – mixed
  • Zinnia – Yellow
  • Alyssum – white
  • Lobelia – white
  • Over on the far left is Celosia – yellow and red

There are also some screws and a screwdriver over there for good measure but we can talk about them later.


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